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Lists of Your Favorite WordPress Plugins

Lorelle has made a list of links pointing to lists of favorite WordPress plug-ins. She points to lists created by the top bloggers using WordPress and lists created by the smallest unknown blogger. Both are equally important, and interesting as they tell you what people have decided are the most important plug-ins to have.

In anticipation of this month long WordPress Plugin event, I’ve been collecting lists of your favorite WordPress Plugins for more than a year. After all, how I can find out which WordPress Plugins I can’t live without unless you review them and tell me why I need them?

This isn’t a list of lists of WordPress Plugins. A “list” of favorite WordPress Plugins wasn’t enough for me. I looked for favorite WordPress Plugin lists that told me why you liked the WordPress Plugin, how you used it, and what were the resulting benefits. By reading about your experiences with the WordPress Plugin, I could better decide for myself if this was the right Plugin for me. I assume my reader’s want the same information to help them make their WordPress Plugin decisions.

Just from a quick look at the lists, I found that Akismet was the most listed, while Related Posts and WP-Contact form were high on the list of most commonly listed plug-ins. Check out Lorelle’s list of links for more.

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  1. sujan patel says: 2/5/2007

    WP-PostRatings, I love this plugin. It helps me know what the readers think of my post and which topics my audience likes to read.


  2. Lorelle says: 2/6/2007

    I thought I could have guessed which WordPress Plugins would have been at the top of most people’s lists, but many on that list surprised. There are a lot of WordPress Plugins, not as well known as others, that were consistently on people’s top favorite WordPress Plugins lists. I hope people enjoy that list and will share some of their own favorite-can’t-live-without WordPress Plugins.


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