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That’s right, we here at Bloggy Network are looking for the creme of the crop in WordPress plugin makers to come and help us out with a plugin we need. It is a paid gig, and requires knowledge of Yahoo!’s search API.

If you are interested in the project, please leave a comment here with the e-mail address you can be contacted at. We know there is a guru out there with the skills we need. Go WordPress Plugin Power!

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  1. Doug Karr says: 2/12/2007

    I would love to write one for you!



  2. olivM says: 2/13/2007

    did i heard ‘guru’ ?
    gimme the plugin’s subject, i’ll give you the definition of the word guru…


  3. Everton Blair says: 2/13/2007

    you should post your requirements on and you’ll get a better price.


  4. Fris Inside says: 9/3/2008

    maybe i can do that…

    could you contact me at…

    leave a comment at Here


  5. aydin-aydin says: 9/18/2008

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