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Gravatar 2.0 Adding Paid Premium

Well, my excitement was quickly over when I clicked that I wanted to add another Gravatar to my account. I was met with a message saying that I needed to upgrade my account to their Premium model to take advantage of such features.

Upgrade to Gravatar Premium for only US $10/Year!

Here’s what Premium gets you:

  • Unlimited emails on your account (free accounts only get one)
  • Unlimited gravatars on your account (free accounts only get one)
  • Access to all future premium features for the duration of your subscription (and there will be plenty)!

Now before you get annoyed with me for complaining about $10 a year. I just really feel like everything online is starting to nickle and dime me to death. Micropayments on the Xbox 360, paying for “premium” this and “pro” that on every site, just to get a few more features. It can be a bit overwhelming. Last year I think I spent over $120 on “micropayment” style content and features, and I know I am not alone.

If anyone has already signed up for the Premium service, please let me know how “cool” it is.

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  1. Thássius Veloso says: 2/13/2007

    The bad thing about all this is that some websites start offering good service for free, and then decide to ask money for that same service. At least you will probably pay for premium ones. Imagine if Gravatar start to “sell” each avatar… Terrible!


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