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Better Blog Branding: What’s In a Name?

One of the things that many blogs really don’t give enough time to is branding. It is something that comes fairly naturally to some people, and others really have to brainstorm to produce. Chris Garrett has put up a post on his personal blog about blog branding, talking specifically about the name of the site and domain and how that reflects on the overall site in the mind of the readers.

One critical consideration when launching a blog is what you are going to call it. Why did I choose to use my old domain rather than create a new one?

Branding was part of the reason. OK, now I said the ‘B’ word some people will have clenched. Please relax. It is a much talked about, much derided and even more misunderstood topic. My personal take on branding is that it is what people think about you, your product or service. It’s about giving the right impression. I don’t know about you but I think a good impression is worth working on.

It is a great article, and definitely worth a read. Chris knows what he is talking about. How did you chose your blog’s name?

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  1. Dawud Miracle says: 2/14/2007

    Thanks for the Chris’ post, David. Branding is very important. I began my blog with my business website address – Healthy WebDesign. Yet, web design is only a small percentage of what I do. My focus is actually on helping small, service-oriented businesses utilize the web to grow their business. Business and marketing plans, website design, execute and evaluate marketing strategy, coaching, training, educating – I do all that and more.


  2. david says: 2/15/2007

    My place-blog was pretty easy to name; with a town called “Great Falls,” it wasn’t too hard to extend that to “GreaterFalls.” And now that I have the blog established, the phrase “Greater Falls” can easily be applied to anything that I do as it relates to services or products; I’ve even considered a weekly magazine/paper with the title, because it really is pretty descriptive.


  3. Jason says: 2/15/2007

    My blog name came to me out of the blue. I was thinking about how I like to create online communities and how you can engineer them, and then the word “communiteer” popped into my head.


  4. Sterling says: 2/19/2007

    We chose our name based on the top ranked keywords in the niche we where going into. We found that more people were searching for the term internet-based-business more then the other combinations we came up with, so that became part of the URL. It was more words then we wanted in the title of our blog and podcast so we just went with internet business mastery for branding. The short URL actually forwards to the longer keyword rich and hyphenated URL for better SEO ranking and the like. I actually do this process with every blog/podcast/site I have and it has worked very well.


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