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Creating Confusion: Changing Symbols

I don’t know if you have seen the new international symbol for radiation yet, but it was supposed to make it easier to understand that an object tagged with the symbol is dangerous.

Radiation Symbol

The funniest thing I read about the new radiation symbol comes from Aurum3 NewTech which wrote:

My guess is that the new symbol warn anyone near radiation material is to first turn in a skull before you run away…or is it run away otherwise you will turn into a skull.

By changing this symbol, which was widely understood, it can only create a bit of confusion. Unlike the old symbol, the new symbol requires more time and thought to deduce what message it is trying to get across.

This is because they have added a more complicated structure to the symbol, oddly enough including the “old” symbol as a starting reference point, and adding in waves, a skull and crossbones and a person running.

How does this relate to blogging? Well, if you are blogging, you should remember that adding more words, images, symbols, and ideas into a post can confuse your primary message, and make it harder for those reading your site to understand what it was that you wanted to convey.

I know I have been guilty of this a few times, but hopefully not as badly as the new radiation symbol.

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  1. says: 2/19/2007

    I can clearly understand: “It’s safer to work near the exit”.


  2. Chris Mundell says: 2/19/2007

    I believe the new symbol means “A propeller will chop Pirates and Runners” I’m good as I neither run nor pirate things.


  3. Michael says: 2/19/2007

    About the new symbol, it is definitely more confusing. More things to think about for sure.

    On the blogging edge: I suffer from lack of organization in my (rather legnthy) writings. It makes things so much more difficult to process in one’s mind.


  4. Sheldon Kotyk says: 2/20/2007

    Did Iran get to design these suckers?


  5. Florchakh says: 2/20/2007

    I can clearly understand, too.

    “It’s better to run away from Mr. Big Radioactive Evil Skull”. Am I wrong?


  6. J. Angelo Racoma says: 2/21/2007

    It means members of Skull and Bones (y’know, the secret organization) and the track team would be showered with missiles by the mysterious three-wing propeller helicopter.


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