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Quick Habari Update

There is a few new things to talk about in regards to Habari, a piece of blogging software that hasn’t even seen a developer release yet, but is getting tons of attention. It recently was given a nod from Scoble in his blog.

It’s a new group that’s building new blog software. Why do I care? Because it’ll be interesting to see what a new group comes up with and because I saw several blogs (especially on Chris Davis‘ blog) mention it today.

I’ve seen this happen several times and new companies almost always result out of the effort.

Interesting that at least some people feel that Automattic’s and Six Apart’s things aren’t good enough and want to run in a new direction. I wish them luck and will be watching them.

This of course prompted a reply from Chris J Davis who let it be known that the people working on Habari have no ill will when it comes to other publishing platforms, and that they’d rather work together on some things.

Some other interesting news includes Habari getting its own website. Rather than just using Google Code, Habari will slowly start to reside on

The last important announcement I wanted to mention is the first Habari only theme, Galileo. Having its own theme, and not a ported theme, means that things are really moving along in my mind.

I hope to see more movement on Habari soon, and I will try to keep up with all that is going on.

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  1. Root says: 2/21/2007

    Thanks for the mention of my Galileo. It is really only a boilerplate at the moment. But its coming on.


  2. sohbet says: 7/23/2008

    thanks ;)


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