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WordPress Plugin: Flexible Upload

The way that WordPress 2.0.x and 2.1 manages image uploads got you down? Well, there might be a plug-in that can help you. It is called Flexible Upload, and it does just as its name says.

It provides features such as:

  • Resize pictures at upload to the size you specify
  • Let you decide whether or not to create a thumbnail and specify its size
  • Optionally incrust a watermark signature in all pictures you upload
  • Enhanced link insertion into your posts: specify picture alignment (left, right, center) – optional
  • Insert a caption for each picture (not supported for WP2.1 with Wysiwyg editor)
  • Optional support for Lightbox2 links

If you are interested, check out Ma Tasse de Thé.

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  1. Florchakh says: 2/20/2007

    I have been waiting for plugin like this one for a long time. Thanks for your info!


  2. Lee says: 2/22/2007

    r0x0r. Thanks for the pointer :-)


  3. Robby says: 3/13/2007



  4. Pedro says: 4/14/2007

    Oh oh… Broken download link..,. Did you hava a copy ?
    Thanks !


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