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Darren Rowse has posted up his thoughts on getting out of the echo chamber, and while it can be a bit complex sometimes, it is possible and I think it can be summed up in one sentence that he put near the end of his article, “It’s About Time and Attitude”.

2. Conversations are not Competitions – the best conversations result in both parties coming away from them better people. They are about two people treating each other as equals – wanting to share what they know but learn and be impacted by the other.

True conversations are not about one proving that they are better or know more about something than the other.

Perhaps this is where some blogging interactions fall a part.

Bloggers have always had their egos – but one of the things I first loved about blogging was the way that there was a ‘vibe’ of generosity, giving, sharing and community. At times I still see this as a feature of the blogosphere – but on other occasions I see competitiveness rising it’s head.

Check out the full article where Darren takes you through many more steps. A great article for those looking at finding ways to be unique in the blogosphere.

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  1. Steven says: 2/21/2007

    As I said on Darren’s site in the comments – too much value is being placed on linking rather than talking.


  2. Dawud Miracle says: 2/22/2007

    I agree with Steven. Obviously I want to build links. AND, I’m more interested in the relationship aspects of the blogosphere. And so far, it’s working great. I sincerely comment where I want too and feel I have something to add and bloggers are appreciative of my efforts.


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