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Why Blog Networks Failed

Paul Scrivens has put up a post on Wisdump about why blog networks have failed though he talks more about what makes a blog network successful.

  • Great content. Great can mean insightful or great can mean entertaining, but if you lack it then you will lack an audience. This is the basic principle of any great blog.
  • Interaction. Some of the greatest blogs have an interaction between the writer and the audience that don’t make the blog a site anymore, but a community.
  • Luck. It does take some timing and luck to make it big as well. There is no sure fire success plan. Arrington hit the wave at the right time.

Working on his 9rules Network gives Paul good understanding of how to run a blog network, especially since he has once failed before (finefools).

I look forward to seeing more posts from Paul in this line of thought.

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  1. Jag Foo says: 2/26/2007


    i cannot agree more with your point about content being a crucial factor to success.

    Content is what keep visitors coming back, and its something I always try to improve on.

    Interactivity is very important too. Thanks for putting this up!



  2. rogyesora says: 12/5/2007

    hm.. nice post dude.


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