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Asking You: Filtering Past Comment Spam in WordPress?

Well, I have finally come to a problem that I don’t have an immediate response for. I am looking for your help to fix. I have a blog where I moved it from Movable Type to WordPress, and it has tons of comment spam on its posts. I was wondering if anyone knew of an updated tool that will work with WordPress 2.1.2 to go through into the past and either flag or remove all that old comment spam?

The blog has Akismet on it, but that doesn’t deal with the past, unless there is a setting I am missing, and thus will look fairly silly. So let me know what plugins I can use to filter past comment spam.

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  1. Aaron Brazell says: 3/6/2007

    You could… get someone… to write a one off script that cycles through your comments and sends them to Akismet for analysis…


  2. Jason says: 3/6/2007

    If you install SpamKarma2 (which plays nicely with Akismet), you can run all of your comments through their filters. I think that will get you what you want.


  3. Everton says: 3/6/2007

    Use Sk2 – you can run old comments through all of the filters at anytime


  4. rui says: 3/6/2007

    You could also try indian outsorsing..

    just kidding..


  5. Lorelle says: 3/6/2007

    I believe that the newest Akismet version includes rechecking comments for comment spam. But the Spam Karma recommendation is also a good one.


  6. Ajay ) says: 3/6/2007

    Will go with SK2, with the SK2-Akismet plugin installed. It will run through your comments and check them up with Akismet as well.

    You can then choose to moderate the ones detected as spam.


  7. Doug Karr says: 3/6/2007

    Of course, the root issue here is that all comments are posted to the same form, wp-comments-post.php. Ideally, it would be ideal if you could somehow rename or move this file where it’s not easily identified. I believe trackbacks come via xml-rpc so I’m not sure why they don’t offer this… perhaps it’s because Akismet makes some money. I would hate to say that, but I wonder.

    I utilize Bad Behavior and it seems to stop about 90% of bad submissions. I’ve only gotten one complaint from someone stating they couldn’t post, and I simply added them to a whiltelist.



  8. Dave says: 3/7/2007

    We had a similar situation when we moved our sports blog to WordPress and SK2 worked like a champ. You can run your old comments through the filters very easily.


  9. anna says: 3/8/2007

    Yeah- akismet does it retro too, I believe.


  10. David Peralty ) says: 3/8/2007

    I will give SK2 a try. Thanks to everyone that has commented here.


  11. Texter says: 5/10/2007

    Yeah SK2 is the best anti-spam tool for wordpress.


  12. Frank says: 7/27/2007

    nice anti-spam tool !! thanks my friend ;-)


  13. Jim says: 9/6/2008

    Good, a great anti-sapm tool


  14. Ruby says: 11/9/2008



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  18. WordPress Art says: 7/25/2011

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