Performancing Metrics Supports OpenID

No, you won’t be logging into your WordPress blog using an OpenID you’ve created somewhere else, but instead using your as your OpenID host.

A very interesting idea for their userbase. If you have a blog, and are interested in trying OpenID, you now have an OpenID URL, your blog URL in fact.

From the blog:

Are you fed up with having to remember dozens of usernames and password? Does the idea of creating yet another account on yet another site leave you cold?

OpenID is a new standard that hopes to alleviate some of the pain, and we’ve just made it available to everyone who has a blog. This means you can sign in to a growing number of sites using your existing account.

I am still not certain if OpenID is a great thing, or just another annoying login system. I already have an OpenID somewhere else. Do I really want or need to provide me with one as well? I know I don’t have to use theirs, but it still brings up an interesting problem. Can OpenID do well if everyone starts providing them?

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  1. UKStevieB says: 3/7/2007

    I am wondering if this kind of an OpenID is arriving on the scene a little too late.
    I signed up for an OpenID before realizing that I already had one via my LiveJournal account, now I have one I can use from WordPress as well?
    There isn’t really a need for more providers of Open ID, just more sites allowing people to sign in with them. I also would like to see clearer indication on the home pages of sites that they support this service.
    “One ID to rule them all” is a nice concept, but with OpenID I already have three, and if more sites I use sign up as providers I could end up with a plethora of them.


  2. UKStevieB says: 3/7/2007

    I don’t think that more providers are a good idea, I signed up for one a couple of weeks ago, then realized I already had one associated with my LiveJournal account. Doh!
    Now I have another one associated with my my WordPress blog?
    “One Account to rule them all” is a great concept, but now I have 3 that I can use, two of them without any participation on my part.
    Less “Providers” and more sites that actually allow you to use your LiveID is the way to go.
    Also, it would be nice to see the sites that allow LiveID give more prominence to this service on their front pages.
    I know Digg declared themselves for this scheme a couple of weeks ago, anyone know if they have implemented it yet?


  3. Simmeon says: 11/6/2010

    OpenID is slowly taking over the way the way we communicate with websites, Im using it on my website its great.