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WordPress Theme: Furry Palms

It is very rare now that I see a theme design that makes me raise an eyebrow, but Furry Palms does that. It is a simple design, but very attractive to look at and definitely one I’d love to see in various colors. It is a two column design.

From the creator:

My first WP theme (or really the second one) is free for download and mash-up. It is based on lots of other themes, mainly structural from Kubrick. Use it if you like. Please leave a comment if you do.

Check it out on

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  1. Elena says: 3/15/2007

    It’s looking quite nice…a bit to nostalgic for my taste but for a regular bloger might work.


  2. Noel Hurtley says: 3/15/2007

    Beautiful theme, love the simplicity.


  3. Daniel Gr says: 3/16/2007



  4. Djonk says: 3/17/2007

    Thanks for the kind words…


  5. Seth Wagoner says: 4/5/2007

    Very nice indeed, well done Djonk. I’m not so sure about the *name* of this theme, but the look is fantastic.


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