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Posting Blog Posts in Multiple Places – Good or Bad?

A question many people have had is “can they post the same content on more than one blog?” Well, Darren Rowse finally takes a stab at answering that question and it comes down to the neither black or white answer of “maybe, sometimes”. He lists some reasons why cross posting can be helpful for a piece of news or content and why you shouldn’t post the same news on multiple blogs.

Here is what he put for why cross posting can be a good thing:

I think you’ve already discovered the main positive of cross posting (or posting the same thing on two sites) – that it exposes your post/article to more potential readers which can have the flow on effects of others then linking up to it. If getting your message out and building your own reputation as a writer is your main priority then allowing your posts to be republished in this way is something you will want to consider.

This is why some authors publish books online for free and some artists allow their music or art to be freely downloaded by web users – because it’s great for their profile and puts their message in the hands of as many as possible. This has numerous flow on effects for their future work.

Check out his story on when he allowed Problogger posts to be republished on WebProNews and you’ll understand one of the main drawbacks of having multiple blogs with the same news.

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