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How to Get Backlinks

Darren Rowse of (and .com now too), has answered a reader question about getting backlinks. This is something that many bloggers really struggle with as getting discovered and then linked to can be quite difficult.

His suggestion is really to write the type of post that is deserving of backlinks. Things like:

  • Scoops
  • How To Posts
  • Opinion Pieces
  • Group Projects
  • Humor Posts

And while these are great suggestions, don’t forget to do some promotion on your best posts, or you’ll find that they don’t reach very far and thus don’t get many back links. I suggest promoting them on social networks, and never forget, commenting on blogs talking about the same subject never hurts either.

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  1. Boris says: 3/26/2007

    Two tips I have found out to work very well:

    1: link to other blogs and bloggers
    Bloggers are more likely to link to you if you link to them. And not just to their blogs in general but to specific blogs. They will notice a trackback under their posts, visit your site and maybe link to you in return.

    2: give other bloggers tips.
    Blogging is a lot of work. If ou send a blogger a well thought out tip they will appreciate it and if they write about it give you some credit in the form of a link. If I read a post by any blogger and I honestly like it or am inspired I always take a few seconds to comment or email and tell them what I think.

    David Weinberger called hyperlinks ‘Little acts of love’. So go out there and share the love…


  2. Frank says: 4/13/2007

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  3. The Mobile Phone Deals Man says: 7/25/2007

    Does anyone know if you can get backlinks from facebook ?



  4. aneme says: 11/24/2007

    thx for advice .


  5. Boston SEO says: 1/5/2008

    I have always used websites but now I switched to blogs since they tend to be indexed by search engines way more than websites. I am still in the process of getting links to build that page rank


  6. PiggiBag says: 1/23/2009

    I need more back links ,anyone can help me and explain to me how this one achieve.Thanks….


  7. wilkes barre hotels says: 7/6/2009

    using blogs for backlinking is the most effective in my opinion


  8. wilkes barre hotels says: 7/6/2009

    also make sure the blogs are related to your industry


  9. Thomas Roman says: 8/3/2009

    Good info


  10. Cristian says: 12/8/2009

    Agree with you David!… and I find Darren’s suggestion or conclusion rather fanciful.

    You hit the nail right in the head pointing out that a consistent promotion campaign is indispensable for seeing any difference in your rankings and traffic. Although the post was written almost three years ago, it’s accurate.

    As you mentioned, there are two major categories for betting back links, namely:

    1. submission sites and
    2. linking partners.

    For those interested, I compiled a concise guide on building backlinks where I go into more details on how to tackle each of the two backlink sources pointed above. Here’s the path:

    I hope it’s helpful in your promotion!



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