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Download of the Day: ScribeFire (Firefox)

LifeHacker has chosen ScribeFire for Firefox as their Download of the day, and I must agree with them.

Formerly known as Performancing for Firefox, the tool allows you to easily post to your blog from a browser window. Here is some text from LifeHacker on the plugin.

Like its predecessor, ScribeFire opens a split panel that provides a full of text-editing tools, complete with rich/source editing tabs, a live preview, a post history and more. You can easily drag and drop text, images and links to the ScribeFire pane, making it super-easy to reference other sites and info within your blog entries. The latest version, 1.4, promises improved support for Blogger accounts and better file uploading. It also supports the new WordPress API.

In addition to Blogger and WordPress, ScribeFire works with Jeeran, LiveJournal, TypePad and Windows Live Spaces. This killer extension costs nothing; it requires Firefox 1.5 or later.

I haven’t really given it much time or attention, and so I’d love to hear the opinions of others. Is ScribeFire as great as some people make it sound, or does it have too many drawbacks?

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  1. Darren says: 3/28/2007

    Personally I love it. I am stuck with IE7 at work but have FF as a portable app stored on my USB drive. I have Scribefire as a FF add on and think it’s great, I also use it at home where FF is my favoured browser. Not an in-depth, objective review, but thought I’d chip in with a nice subjective comment.


  2. Han says: 3/28/2007

    I’ve been on the lookout for a good offline blog editor for sometime though this isn’t technically online it still saves me from logging into wordpress. I’ve just got to see if I can upload photos in it first :S


  3. rickdog says: 3/30/2007

    I don’t like it. It’s very limited, no tables for instance. I prefer to use a blank earea (,%20Sans-serif;%20text-align:%20left;) to drag&drop into, coupled with Firebug for access to DOM and CSS editing. I open an earea in a separate window to drag into and keep templates, such as table and other snippets, in the Scrapbook extension. Scrapbook notes are also great for testing css and script – it’s a little known mini-IDE.


  4. Anang, yb says: 6/28/2007

    Yes, I like it!
    I can easily drag and drop text, images and links in my blog. Subscribe to only need one click. Blogging with this tool is super-easy .


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