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Top 30 WordPress Plugins in Blogosphere

Stasys of has compiled a list of the top thirty plugins used by bloggers after looking over all the top plugin lists.

The list is based on the Lists of favorite WordPress plugins, made by Lorelle last month. Lorelle found 48 lists with a total of 280 plugins that were recommended by other bloggers to their readers.

So I went through all those lists and compiled a spreadsheet of the mentioned plugins to see which of them were the most used in blogosphere.

An interesting idea, and project, though the results leave us with very few surprises. Plugins like Akismet, Google Sitemap Generator, and Related posts take the top spots, with many other well known plugins to fill out the ranks. I found the position of some to be a bit odd, considering them being worthy of a higher or lower spot in the list, but all in all it is a great read, and I suggest you check it out.

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