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How Much Would You Pay for a WordPress Theme?

The title of this post is the same question that is being asked at today in hopes of judging a fair price for what I assume is a custom WordPress theme. I have priced getting one created before, and the price for me has ranged from about two hundred dollars, all the way up to around three and four thousand dollars. While a non-unique theme, slightly modified was more in the ten to hundred dollar range.

The poll on WPDesigner only allows you to chose one of four choices being either, five dollars, ten dollars, twenty dollars or forty-five dollars. Currently, there are less than twenty-five voters, but so far the consensus seems to be that twenty dollars is pricing it right.

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  1. Small Potato says: 3/28/2007


    This poll assumes the voters know that it’s about pay-per-download themes, not completely unique/custom themes.

    I’ll edit the post to reflect my clarification.


  2. Anthony says: 3/30/2007

    I voted $200 for a custom theme and $20 for a non-exclusive theme.

    I know $200 isn’t much compensation for a custom theme compared to what a web designer’s usual rates would be but for small amateur bloggers earning only small coin from blogging I think that is a realistic price to expect.


  3. Danny Foo says: 3/30/2007

    This is like asking the questions, “How much would you pay for a website?”

    Honestly, everyone has their own set of requirements to define their cost. If you’re a business, you quote more. If you’re working along, you could quote less. Then there’s the marketing point, you either go for volume or you go for quality.

    So I personally think it’s difficult to judge how much a theme should cost without first considering its intention or goal.



  4. Peter Flaschner says: 3/30/2007

    Further to what Danny Foo said above, I’d add that this is like asking “how much should a car cost?”, or “how much should dinner in a restaurant cost?”.

    There is no right price. There are different levels of quality, of service, and value. Each of us perceives these things differently, and weighs the import of the individual factors independently.


  5. Jacob says: 3/30/2007

    Well said Peter


  6. Small Potato says: 3/30/2007

    There’s one difference between general web design customers and bloggers looking for a worpress theme.

    WordPress bloggers like to do things themselves. They are handy people that can search for ways to modify themes, not to mention the great support provided by WordPress support forums and individual theme designers.

    Why would you buy something at a high price, only to modify it? And for most of the times, would you modify the car after purchase?

    So in fact, it’s NOT like asking “how much should a car cost?”

    The poll serves only to get an idea of the general blogger threshold for WordPress theme.


  7. David Peralty ) says: 3/30/2007

    Peter – You are right, but really what this is trying to hone in on is the type of designs we regularly see. Taking a random sampling from, how much would you pay for some of those themes?

    Small Potato – I agree with you on some of what you said, but some people don’t modify the themes they get, actually, a fair number don’t. I think your comment focuses on the top 10% and not really the public at large. Search around and you’ll find thousands of people using themes in their default, unmodified form. Having something custom, to set you apart can be really nice, especially if you can’t design or code.


  8. Heaven says: 11/26/2007

    I’ll not pay. FREE.


  9. mikeyaozm says: 9/19/2009

    Small Potato – I agree with you on some of what you said,


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