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How Many Blogs Should You Run?

Darren Rowse answers another reader question today with “how many blogs should you run?”

This is a subject I have found to be quite subjective, but honestly, the best answer I could give would be to say that it is best to run one or two great blogs, than a dozen mediocre ones, and from what I read in Darren’s article, he more or less agrees with me.

It was at about this time that I realized that my strategy was somewhat flawed (for me) for a number of reasons:

  • I couldn’t sustain the load
  • I couldn’t sustain my enthusiasm
  • The traffic didn’t come
  • The money didn’t come
  • The money came from elsewhere

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  1. Leroy Brown says: 3/30/2007

    I can attest to this too… when I dropped several blogs to inactive status awhile back, the ones that were left started to take off. They’re doing quit well these days, and I’m very glad I made the change.


  2. Lyle says: 4/5/2007

    Hi … I think it all depends on what you can handle.. .. But yeah, 1 or 2 sounds more reasonable.


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