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WordPress Theme: Sakura

I have found a new theme for WordPress that has caught my eye. It is called Sakura.

Sakura is a 2 column wordpress theme and it is widget ready. If you notice some bugs, please let us know.
We named it “Sakura” which means Cherry Blossom in Japanese. Feel free to download the theme and use it on your blogs.

It is light in colors with a rather large area for the header and about before even getting to the blog posts, but it is definitely nice looking and one to check out. Head on over to area381 to see it.

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The FeedBurner Top 40

Over on franticindustries they have a list of the top forty blogs according to their FeedBurner subscribers. While it isn’t precise, and he even mentions going about it in an unscientific way, he still releases his results and they are fun to read.

Here is a snippet from his article:

However, FeedBurner, for some reason, isn’t trying to be a popularity measuring tool. They have the data. They have the capabilities. Yet, they’re not maintaining any sort of top list of feeds with the most subscribers. The number of RSS subscribers is not the ultimate way to measure the popularity of a website, but it’s a really important metric. If FeedBurner were to maintain such a top list, it would be at least as important as Technorati and Alexa’s top lists.

Besides waiting for FeedBurner to actually do a top list, the second best thing I could do is to create my own list of top blogs according to their FeedBurner RSS subscriber data. Maybe this experiment encourages the folks at FeedBurner to do the same thing themselves.

And now for the top five from his top forty list:

  • BoingBoing – 397k Readers
  • TechCrunch – 341k Readers
  • Simply Recipes – 212k Readers
  • Interesting Thing of the Day – 99935 Readers
  • 43Folders – 102k Readers

Readers fluctuate, which I assume is why 43Folders has more readers as of my checking it today.

via 901am

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Habari Developer Release?

In January, I noted that a group was forming to create Habari, a blogging platform that was supposed to be forward looking, and now, over three months later, we still haven’t seen a developer release of Habari in the wild, but that might be changing soon with posts on the newsgroup saying that April 1st might just be the day.

I know it seems like an odd day to release anything, but like it was pointed out in the recent conversations, April 1st was the release of Google’s Gmail, and look how well that has done.

I am still hesitant that they will make their April 1st tentative date, as the banter on the newsgroups has greatly diminished over the last month or so. While I would like to think this is because they are getting close to a release, it is just as likely that many of the secondary names that had attached themselves to the project have run out of steam, and thus dropped out.

Here is hoping for Habari.

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How to Get Backlinks

Darren Rowse of (and .com now too), has answered a reader question about getting backlinks. This is something that many bloggers really struggle with as getting discovered and then linked to can be quite difficult.

His suggestion is really to write the type of post that is deserving of backlinks. Things like:

  • Scoops
  • How To Posts
  • Opinion Pieces
  • Group Projects
  • Humor Posts

And while these are great suggestions, don’t forget to do some promotion on your best posts, or you’ll find that they don’t reach very far and thus don’t get many back links. I suggest promoting them on social networks, and never forget, commenting on blogs talking about the same subject never hurts either.

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Kartooner: A Fresh Start

One of the blogs I try to keep up with is written by Erik Sagen. The blog, known as, has been around for a while now, and while I hate to see it change drastically, I know that he is doing what is best for both his own creativity and his audience (me).

After 4 years of writing, off and on, about a variety of things such as odd thoughts, close calls, success (and failure) and other things now relegated to the archives, it’s time to switch directions and start anew.

From the get go I’ve always envisioned this site as an outlet for experimental creativity and to share the results of such with whomever was interested.

This site’s focus was never meant to be excluded to just a blog, but due to my interests in creative writing it just remained. Like Anton, I’ve been ready for quite some time to move away from just being a blog and realign (not that kind of realignment) my interests and the intentions of this site.

What intrigued me the most is his idea for his archives, and something I am seeing catch on more and more, moving them to paper. That’s right, he will be taking some of his best from his archives and using Lulu, a self publishing platform and printing up a copy or two.

Check out his blog for all the details and thoughts behind his restart.

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b5media Hiring

b5media, one of the bigger blog networks out there, is currently looking for some new talent to support the writers they already have in positions like:

  • Advertising Sales Representative
  • WordPress Developer
  • Operations Manager
  • Affiliate Manager
  • Music Phreak
  • Print Designer

Could be a great opportunity for the right person, so check out their full post on these job postings.

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Widget Ready Blogging Pro Theme

If you are a fan of WordPress Widgets from Automattic, and were disappointed that we didn’t include Widget support for the Blogging Pro theme, you are in luck, as we have decided to release a Widget Ready version.

We have made it so both sidebars, and the footer area are enabled so that you can add widgets all over the place.

We have already had more than 1500 downloads of the Blogging Pro theme from the great readers and supporters of Blogging Pro and it has been less than 48 hours since it was released.

The addition of Widgets was also in hopes to appease the administrators, as we are hoping to see our theme added to their ranks, but it will take users requesting this theme for it to be added.

Reading up on how to get a theme added to, I found out that you have to ask for it in their Ideas forum, and so we have created a thread there in hopes that you’ll leave a comment showing your support for the addition of this theme to

Download Blogging Pro Theme Widget Ready Version

Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.

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Blogging Pro’s Theme Released

Second Update: We have added a Widget Ready version and we are looking for support from users in getting it added to the service.

Updated: We have implemented some fixes in our theme, and so if you have already downloaded the theme, we ask that you at least download a new header.php (zip/phps) file.

The below zip files have also been fixed.

We have been getting some compliments on our design here at Blogging Pro, and a few e-mails asking where they can get our theme. I have been wanting us to release a WordPress theme for a while now, and so I present to you this design, Blogging Pro’s Theme as a free to download theme.

This theme was created by Design Disease for Blogging Pro, we have made a few changes for public release though, including:

  • making the site information text, rather than an image
  • making the navigation text rather than images
  • removing one of the Adsense spots we have on our site
  • making sure the third column can be used for more than just advertising

We ask only that you keep the attribution links in the footer, and link to this post, rather than directly to the zip files, when spreading the word about this and other themes we will be providing on Blogging Pro.

Blogging Pro Theme

The Details
This three column theme is WordPress 2.1 ready and should work just fine in WordPress 2.0.x. It has been tested on a variety of browsers, but we can’t promise that there will be no problems.

It comes in two versions, one with the big footer like Blogging Pro, that gives information on recent posts, recent comments and most commented stories, and one without the big footer, and thus no need for any plugins at all.

For the plugin required version, we have included a separate zip file that contains the three plugins needed. All three are from the talented Nick Momrik of MtDewVirus and we always recommend you get the latest version from the plugin author.

Note: If you already have Nick’s Most Commented, Recent Comments and Recent Posts plugins, you will most likely not need the file.

downloadThe Downloads
Blogging Pro Theme
Required Plugins
Blogging Pro Theme (no plugins needed)

Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.

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Building a Better WordPress Comments Panel

It looks like Lorelle has found someone to take up her quest on making a better WordPress Comments area in the administration panel. Cindy of Digital Ramble has put up a post regarding the progress made so far.

If you are good with WordPress, JavaScript, AJAX, and want to lend a hand, please contact Cindy as there is much work to do, and the Comments area doesn’t have many hooks to make it easy to manipulate.

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WordPress Theme Viewer Update

Finally, there is another update on the WordPress Theme Viewer. I was beginning to wonder if we would have to deal with black boxes as images for themes forever.

Here are the details from the update:

  • The test run site has been upgraded to WordPress 2.1.
  • Comments on the test run site has been deleted, and commenting is now closed.
  • The rating system on the main site has been removed – many users noticed that theme authors misused the system to gain more attention to their themes.
  • People who have requested permission to upload, now has uploading rights.
  • In the future, people who sign up for an account will have permission to upload right away.

Regarding all the people who have volounteered to help – thanks a lot. I will get in touch with some of you within the next week, since the site will need moderators to keep down the volume of spam, bitching, theme ripoff’s and duplicate uploads.

Hopefully, the Theme Viewer will get the help it needs from some great volunteers and thank goodness for adding in the upload permissions to new users. A smart move.

If you haven’t been to the Theme Viewer before, it is definitely a resource to check out.

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