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6 Amazing Modifications of Blogging Pro Theme

So the Blogging Pro Theme has been circulating for a while now, and has even been transformed into a Textpattern theme, but has anyone gone beyond uploading and activating it? Yes, and we have some examples for you.

Adding in their own header graphic as well as changing the colors around is Caracasapie.


Another shift in colors and header area is CwickCrown. I love the gray shift.


The most popular shift seems to be towards green, and I have three examples of that. The first example is from

Todd Nation

The second is from TalkNewMedia.


Both use very different greens, but both look absolutely great, but the third example is something completely different, and at first I didn’t even recognize it as using the Blogging Pro theme and that would be the Expression blog.


Last but not least is my favorite shift in colors for the Blogging Pro theme. It basically flips our colors around in a one-eighty, and you come up with the blog for The Situation.

The Situation

I am looking forward to seeing more modifications to the Blogging Pro theme, and if you have created a major color or design shift using the Blogging Pro theme as a basis, please let us know.

Also, if you liked the Blogging Pro theme, you are going to love what we have for you coming out tomorrow.

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  1. Massimo Marolda says: 4/3/2007

    Thanks for the add :)


  2. Dave says: 4/3/2007

    I was the first to go green and you didn’t mention me? :( sniff

    hehe, its ok, these ones are a great choice.
    incase anyone is interested ;)



  3. David Peralty ) says: 4/3/2007

    Sorry, I just profiled some people I found through searching Technorati. Yours is great too! By far a shift to green seems the most popular.


  4. Dave says: 4/3/2007

    Lol it’s ok :) hehe

    They are all great! :)


  5. Han says: 4/4/2007

    Sounds like a challenge, all I;’d do would be to make it pink though!


  6. Chris says: 4/6/2007

    I love the mods thus far. It’s a great theme to work with!


  7. Shaun says: 4/7/2007

    Hey, thanks for the kudos! Your Blogging Pro theme was great to work with. I look forward to your future themes.


  8. Jauhari says: 4/8/2007

    The Red and Black One really cool ^_*


  9. Nathaniel Hansen says: 4/11/2007

    Thanks for the props! I’ve tweaked a lot of wp themes, and yours was BY FAR the easiest to get around on to make subtle changes! Thanks for a great working and good looking theme!!


  10. Rich from Adsense says: 4/13/2007

    Me use theme from here is great and clool.. thank


  11. emigre says: 6/8/2007

    Something I hope you can help me with.
    How can I integrate Google custom search engine into the existing seach form without destroying its design?

    thanks in advance


  12. emigre says: 6/11/2007

    I would be willing to pay for the modification as I understand you must receive tons of such requests. If you can, please email me your quote.


  13. dR. SHARMA says: 6/27/2007

    check my site for a modified view too


  14. Ray says: 7/17/2007

    I have used your theme and modified it. Please check it out.

    Thanks for the theme again.


  15. Anu Sharma DDS says: 12/6/2007

    Check out my advanced dental practice


  16. Jay Johnson says: 5/28/2008

    Hey thanks for releasing your theme to the public guys. It looks great.

    I modded it for my website featuring open source audio tours.