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WordPress Theme: Digital Pop

A new theme recently caught my eye, and it is called Digital Pop. Andrew Eglinton has released it to the public, but it looks very professional. I think WordPress theme design is finally getting to a level of complexity and beauty in design that has never been seen before.

WordPress Theme: Digital Pop

Digital Pop is a bright and colourful 3 column theme for WordPress based on Fen’s NewFeel theme. It comes complete with editable header graphics and is Google Adsense ready.

It supports the following plugins:

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Check it out on Desperate Curiosity.

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  1. Heinz Bilda says: 4/3/2007

    verry nice go on so


  2. Daniel Gr says: 4/3/2007

    Think Vitamin-ish


  3. UKStevieB says: 4/3/2007

    When I saw this theme yesterday it got my attention, it’s not one that I personally have any use for at the moment but I saved it to my Fleck account with a note that it was a very good “magazine” style of theme.
    I am sure that this one will see plenty of use.


  4. ismail yk says: 4/23/2007

    Perfect Themes Thanks ;)


  5. Kerry Emrich says: 5/19/2007

    It looks great on my machine, but when viewed in IE6 at 1024*768 the right side bar moves to the bottom :(


  6. tuzcuoÄŸlu nakliyat says: 5/23/2007

    great theme thanks


  7. galatasaray resimleri says: 5/23/2007



  8. systemaster says: 9/5/2008

    Great template.I like the color scheme thanks.



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