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Forty Media To Run Business Logs

While Splashpress Media now owns Business Logs, it will be Forty Media, a design firm that will be running the show. A recent post on both Forty Media and Blog Herald go over the details.

One of their first moves will be to change Business Logs from Movable Type to WordPress. Here are James Archer’s own words on that:

Two of the biggest concerns with the sale were (1) keeping the high-quality blog going, and (2) continuing to offer awesome blog design services for clients.

To resolve those concerns, Mark brought in the company I work for, Forty, a well-known web design and development firm based (proudly) in Phoenix, Arizona. We’ve been designing and blogging since the old days, and have worked quite a bit with Mike in the past.

From here on out, we’re going to be managing the site, as well as overseeing the blog design work for Business Logs clients. We’ll also be working with Mike to give the site a fresh new look, and port it over from Movable Type (old and busted) to WordPress (new hotness!)

I love how they call WordPress the “new hotness”. Also, Mike Rundle has also committed himself to posting on the site once a week for a few more months, so the transition should be smooth. I look forward to seeing what happens with the site, and especially the new design.

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  1. Gerard McGarry says: 4/5/2007

    Wow. I’m surprised to see Business Logs going under the hammer. Surprised that they were running Movable Type when so many 9rules blogs are on WordPress.

    Any word on Mike’s plans, or is he 100% working on 9rules now?


  2. Vern from Blog Simply says: 4/11/2007

    Am I the only one running blogger? I tried WordPress and it’s so unintuitive. I’m a tech guy from way back and the interface for me was just slow and not easy to pick up on. It’s like I had to learn a new language for what their developers called certain things. Odd. But, if someone can tell me 3 great reasons to switch, I’ll listen and consider it. Thanks, Vern


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