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WordPress 2.2

In a little over a week WordPress 2.2 will be released, April 22nd to be exact. It will be an evolutionary release, with not too much changing, but a few improvements that might make some people happy.

Thinks like:

  • Tagging support
  • Permalink redirection
  • Improved comment editing
  • phpmailer was integrated
  • Atom 1.0 support for feed
  • Atom API support
  • Additional XML-RPC APIs for pages and such

I was hoping for something more, but with a 120 day release cycle, I guess there is only so much time to add new features and make sure they work correctly.

Are there things missing from the list that you wish were on there? Or things that have been listed that you are excited about?

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  1. Stephan Tijink says: 4/11/2007

    Hm, tagging … i implemented tagging using ultimate tag warrior. I hope it will not interference with the WP own tagging. But i’m looking forward to have a look at it :-)



  2. rui says: 4/11/2007

    I hope it will not break my Tag Warrior tags.. or someone will release a update script.

    Somethimes the best is to port things that the community likes or give better support for third party plugings and not copy or make a small brother of the most wanted plugins..


  3. Alex says: 4/11/2007

    WordPress 2.2 include a importer from Ultimate Tag Warriors


  4. Neto Cury says: 4/16/2007

    Hi, any chance to integrate this on next version:
    Best Regards


  5. Ernie Oporto says: 4/16/2007

    I have WP-2.2 bleeding and UTW as a plugin. I don’t believe they conflict.


  6. Andy says: 4/18/2007

    just waiting for the Atom API … it can not come soon enough.


  7. Juan Millon says: 4/24/2007

    Hmmm when is this 2.2 coming out exactly??


  8. John says: 5/10/2007

    PROBLEM with WP 2.2 and BloggingPro WR…. For some strange reason it is no longer loading the widgets. Instead it defaults to the NON-Widget mode.

    I have messed with it for hours. No matter what I change in the sidebar.php file it will not pick up widgets.

    I tried to re-load the widget plugin but once uninstalled in wp 2.2 you can’t reinstall it.



  9. sohbet says: 7/23/2008

    WordPress 2.2 include a importer from Ultimate Tag Warriors


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