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Google Summer of Code: WordPress

I have found posts about two people that have been accepted into the Google Sumer of Code project specifically to work on WordPress. Ronald Heft, Jr., who will be working on adding more podcasting support, and Celeste Paul who hopes to find three things that can be improved in WordPress by comparing it to their competitors. I think this is a great program and project, and I can’t wait to see the results. I’d also like to hear from anyone else that has been accepted to the Summer of Code.

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  1. Runa says: 4/17/2007

    This is a very interesting new, seeming that Google is directly interested in developing WP.


  2. JJ Rage says: 12/5/2007

    Hello, i searched Google for internship programs and found your WordPress blog.

    Sheesh, a lot of internship programs are like glorified secreterial positions, take it from someone who’s been there and did that. Paid internships are few and far between as i’m sure you may already know. Something that helped me was a program called College Works Painting. Basicly they select students and train them to run home painting crews. Of course they earn money, but they get some pretty good hands on experience at business leadership. Its pretty much seasonal, but i know several college students who were having financial problems that were helped by this program during warmer months. If you know a student, or are still a student, google the term College Works Painting and check out their website.


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