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I just took a look at the online edition of the Blogger & Podcaster magazine, and other than the audio and video advertising within its pages, I was really impressed. People like Leo Laporte and Scoble were interviewed for the premier edition, and overall it looks very professional, something the industry needs to see more of.

If you are interested in Podcasting or Blogging, you might want to check it out. It is a fun read, though I wish I could get the actual magazine to read, the $99 USD fee for International subscriptions ($79 for continental USA), is a bit too steep for me right now. A big thumbs up to Larstan Publishing for putting it out there.

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  1. Larry Genkin says: 4/19/2007

    Thanks for checking out Blogger & Podcaster David. As the publisher I can tell you a lot of hard work went into pulling this off so it’s gratifying to hear your initial review. I totally understand about the subscription price too. I made the decision to charge for the print subscription to allow as many people as possible to have access to the magazine. If we would have given the print edition away for free like many trade publishers do, we would have had to cap circulation at around 10,000 before our printing and mailing costs would force us to have to charge advertising rates that would be to steep for what the industry can afford at this time. By offering the digital and podcast editions for free we can literally allow millions to have access to the content without having to significantly raise our advertising rates. Hope you understand.

    - Larry


  2. Anthony says: 4/19/2007

    Nice find. Will download it to take a look at later tonight.

    One thing, why is it that magazines, conferences and expos about online content/services consistently have such nasty web sites?


  3. David Peralty ) says: 4/20/2007

    Larry – I totally understand, and really it just continues the market trend that paper distribution is expensive and slow. Its an easy medium for people to pick up and read, but online is the way to go. Honestly, with the quality of the online version, I am surprised there is no fee for the online version. I’d pay a small fee of $10-$24 a year to have a link to the online version and podcast version in my e-mail inbox.


  4. Larry Genkin says: 4/20/2007

    Don’t think I’m not so proud that I wouldn’t take your $10-$24 for the digital/podcast edition. Running a magazine isn’t cheap! Hopefully people will continue to subscribe because they like our work and then the advertising dollars will follow. That’s the way it’s supposed to work according to our business plan.

    - Larry
    Blogger & Podcaster Magazine


  5. sohbet says: 7/23/2008

    Nice find. Will download it to take a look at later tonight



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