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No Tags in WordPress 2.2?

Well, it looks like tags won’t be making the 2.2 release, as Matt and team systematically remove the recent addition.

This will hopefully allow them to have a release out by the first week of may, if all goes well. Some people will be rather annoyed at the backpedaling of features for WordPress 2.2, and honestly, I am one of them. I would rather see the team take their time, delay a release until June with the tagging feature properly implemented and tested, rather than removing it due to potential issues.

The current plan seems to be to delay adding it until the 2.3 release of WordPress, allowing them a lot of time to test what Matt has called “a pretty critical building block of WP going forward.”

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  1. Meik says: 4/20/2007

    As far as i know the wp team work in a timebox system. Because of that i can understand them, that they remove one or two features to hold there timebox.

    But, the tagging was the only real cool new feature i am waiting for. Cant they remove anything else and implement my #1 love feature? ;-)


  2. dupola says: 4/20/2007

    I think I will not update the new version 2.2 if there no tags.


  3. Duncan says: 4/20/2007

    I know I might sound cynical, but I just can’t find myself caring, I’ve long since stopped using WordPress’ interface in favour of BlogDesk, which has tagging built in. I think if anything there might be scope for a multi-blog WP front end from the WordPress team, be that server hosted as opposed to local software that has a full scope of functionality that WP doesn’t currently have, Tagging for example doesn’t have to be in a WP install if it’s in a custom front end. Maybe Automattic could do something commercially and even sell it?


  4. David says: 4/20/2007

    While I can understand some users frustration with the tags thing, it really is quite a small feature that is not essential.

    I would rather see very frequent and timely releases, instead of waiting for a huge feature implementation.

    Of course, I am more concerned with the security of wordpress than its features. If there is even the tiniest hint of a flaw, I would like to have that addressed immediately.

    More and more large corporations are using WordPress as a platform, and many developers, like myself, are creating custom pages for paying clients using WordPress as a CMS.

    These clients collect massive amounts of data from customers and vendors in forms, and the security of that information is more important, in my opinion, than being able to tag a post.


  5. John says: 5/17/2007

    Oh Lord…. NO TAGS….. AAAAAhhhhh… THANK GOD. With the inseption of widgetizing built in to WordPress my bloggingpro WR sidebars no longer work. There is no way off turning off the built in widgetizer……

    I am not particularly enthusiastic about TAG support being built in as well. Many aspects of my setup use UTW for tagging features as well as Related Posts etc etc….. Will this cease to work when tags are implemented within the framework? Will it be possible to turn tagging (built in) off?

    Too many what ifs for me…. LoL


  6. ctoptravel says: 5/6/2008

    a pitty


  7. allnakedcelebsy says: 1/30/2012

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  8. Daiane says: 5/5/2012

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