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Worth Giving Another Tool a Try?

I have been thinking about this for a while. Ever since Habari has released its developer release, which is not really a blogging platform ready for prime time just yet, I have been wondering if there is something else out there that I should be trying out. Is there a tool, be it old or new that people like better than WordPress?

Leave a comment, and let me know what I should try, and at the end of the week, I will put together the top three tools mentioned, and give them each a real go, and compare them to WordPress. While my opinion might be a bit biased, but I am not one to hold punches, and so if I find something better than WordPress, I will let you know. If I don’t find something I like better than WordPress, please don’t give me the “he’s a WordPress groupie” song and dance as I will attempt to be as objective as a non-objective human being can be.

The things I am looking for in a blogging package includes the following, easy to install, easy to admin, easy to expand, reasonable community size and support, and a great workflow, so if you know something that might fit the bill, please comment.

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  1. garrett says: 4/25/2007

    Expression Engine! it’s not quite as easy to setup as WordPress but it’s so much more flexible and the out-of-the-box functionality is insane. WordPress may be quick, but EE is powerful…


  2. Chris Baskind says: 4/25/2007

    We use Joomla at Like any CMS, there’s a short learning curve — but it’s scary powerful. You can do *anything* to your front page in minutes. Huge community, good support, superior template selection.

    Joomla is between versions right now and our installation depends on some 3rd party add-ons to make it modern (comments, nice URLs, etc). Joomla 1.5 will address these. In the meantime, WordPress users might enjoy trying Drupal. Look Joomla, you’ll have to learn new vocabulary. But Drupal has much of what WordPress users would expect from a turnkey installation.

    Speaking of installation — both these CMS platforms are as easy to get running as WP.

    They rock. Promise.


  3. Yannick says: 4/25/2007

    Give Textpattern a try.


  4. Noel Hurtley says: 4/25/2007

    I second Yannick. Textpattern is flexible, lightweight and open source platform.


  5. franky ) says: 4/26/2007

    I support EE. It is a lot more complete than WP and the DB queries are much more optimized. Double license tho.

    Joomla also rocks, one can really do anything with Joomla. It’s a further developed fork of Mambo, but rather a heavy weight CMS.


  6. Matt says: 4/26/2007

    Textpattern, Joomla, Mephisto.


  7. Han says: 4/26/2007

    I’ve had this thought many times and in the end it comes down to what I know and the huge fanbase and resources available for wordpress that’ll make it do what ever you want!

    Theres typepad, textpattern, moveable type, expression engine, I’m not sure if B2 is still going not greymatter *shudders* and theres always the non standards compliant cutenews as well as joomla, drupal and habari! (I’ve looked into it a lot lol – as well as hosted solutions – blogger came out as the best just on grounds on customisability)


  8. Anthony says: 4/28/2007

    Tumblr – ok, it’s not a downloadable blogging tool but it is kind of cool for miniblogging.


  9. Juan says: 5/24/2007

    What about Drupal? Pretty powerful and great community too.


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