Performancing Metrics Adds Clouds and Drop Downs

If you are a fan of drop down lists or category “tag clouds” now has options for both.

Using two new widgets added to you can now customize your blog and maybe even save a fair amount of sidebar space. I am not really a fan of either system. I think tag clouds look messy, especially in a sidebar, and drop down lists are not quick and easy to navigate with.

Still, if you are a fan, then you’ll be happy. Check out the blog for more details.

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  1. Kurt says: 5/7/2007

    Me too. I don’t like tag clouds nor drop down lists. Long category lists in the sidebar are also a bit annoying if you can’t/don’t limit the number of categories.

    As I’m not convinced that visitors really use the categories (most people use an RSS reader anyhow), I took them out of the sidebar and created a page where I list them.


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