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WordPress 2.2

In a little over a week WordPress 2.2 will be released, April 22nd to be exact. It will be an evolutionary release, with not too much changing, but a few improvements that might make some people happy.

Thinks like:

  • Tagging support
  • Permalink redirection
  • Improved comment editing
  • phpmailer was integrated
  • Atom 1.0 support for feed
  • Atom API support
  • Additional XML-RPC APIs for pages and such

I was hoping for something more, but with a 120 day release cycle, I guess there is only so much time to add new features and make sure they work correctly.

Are there things missing from the list that you wish were on there? Or things that have been listed that you are excited about?

via the Codex

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Bloggy Network: Get to Know Us

Ahmed has begun a series on Tech Soapbox which is covering all the in’s and out’s of Bloggy Network, the company that owns, and maintains Blogging Pro.

So far he has written three posts, which cover the creation of the network, a major component of the network, Blog Flux, and some details on our server infrastructure.

Ahmed is a very savvy business person, and I am honored to be working with him, and I am really enjoying his series on the network.

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WordPress Theme: iTheme

iThemeI just ran into a really great theme for WordPress called iTheme.

Here is what the creators have to say about it:

iTheme is a WordPress theme that is designed for the Mac lovers with a truly customizable sidebar. As an administrator, you can customize your sidebar’s contents without modifying the source code using WordPress widgets (no programming required). As an audience, you can rearrange the sidebar by drag & drop or you can collapse the box to save space.

It supports Widgets and has a drag and drop sidebar. It looks really good, and I am pretty impressed by it, so if you are an Apple fan, check out iTheme.

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Deteriorating WordPress Community

I have long said that the WordPress community has a few issues, and while there have been slowdowns and slumps, usually the community surprised me and has found a way to recover and continue its amazing growth. Well, it looks like Small Potato of the site isn’t happy with one thing in particular with the WordPress community, the state of the Theme Viewer.

The WordPress theme community is deteriorating. The WordPress Theme Viewer itself is broken. To add insult to injury, it’s now plastered with Adsense advertisements. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the site making some money. It deserves it, but Adsense isn’t the best option. Plus, it looks ugly. Slapping multiple Adsense ads on your site is lazy monetization.

He makes some interesting and valid points in his post, though I think his take on Adsense is a little off base. He also added another post in which is a response to some criticisms he has received including some ideas he’d take to resolve some of the issues. It will be interesting to see the long term effects of his opinions. I really hope some people take them to heart. I love to see the WordPress community do well.

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Great Greasemonkey Scripts for Firefox

I only mention this post on Kyle’s Cove because it includes a Greasmonkey script for WordPress among other important sites for bloggers.

Greasemonkey seems to be growing ever more popular as people put together scripts to perform all sorts of functions. I think it is really interesting that people have found ways to add new features to sites and web based software.

Check out his post for more details on what he considers the top Greasemonkey scripts and please if you have more for WordPress or other blogging software, I’d love to see them, so leave a comment.

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Moving Your WordPress Blog

Turbocharged has a great tutorial for those looking to move their blog from one web host to another. Sometimes this can be an easy process, other times, not so easy. I recommend upgrading to the latest version of WordPress, and using their Export and Import tools to move your content, but the Turbocharged tutorial goes through more than just that.

Changing your blog to a new location can be an involved process. You can compare it with actually moving to a new house or office. Fortunately, it’s much faster than that.

With these instructions, you can move your blog in a very short amount of time, minimizing the amount of downtime for your readers and search engines. Expect to take at the most one day, and in the best scenarios, one hour or less.

Check out the tutorial, and let me know if you have any others out there. I know many people looking to move from another blogging engine to WordPress that could use some hand holding.

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Connect via Facebook

Darren Rowse has recently posted about some of his social networking accounts, including his Facebook account. He has also created a Problogger group in the site for all of us to network on.

You can network with Darren as well as myself on Facebook.

If you are interested in blogging or WordPress, get on Facebook, and network with Darren and I. I look forward to seeing all of you on there.

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Free Icons for Themes

Icons can sometimes be the difference between a nice looking theme and a plain looking one, as we continue to try to create new designs for WordPress blogs, and other blogging software, we increasingly need new icons to give it that extra edge.

DHTML Site has compiled a list of free icon resources, and while not all encompassing, it does highlight some of the best sources for icons that you can use for your theming needs.

The most popular, of course is the Silk Icon set, but I think people are slowly trying not to use it in part because of its high popularity. Or in other words, people are sick of seeing a million sites with the same icon set. I thought the Sweetie set looked really nice.

If you have any other great collections of free to use icons, please let me know. I’d love to find more icon resources.

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OpensourceCMS: Interview with Matt Mullenweg

OpensourceCMS has a short interview with Matt Mullenweg on there site. Unfortunately, with no date next to it, I don’t know how old or how fresh this interview is. They go over a few things, and really it is nothing substantial or new though Matt does have one interesting and quotable sentence in the interview, “I think it takes 10 years to make truly great software. (We’re only 4 years into it.)”

Check out the interview at OpensourceCMS.

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Forty Media To Run Business Logs

While Splashpress Media now owns Business Logs, it will be Forty Media, a design firm that will be running the show. A recent post on both Forty Media and Blog Herald go over the details.

One of their first moves will be to change Business Logs from Movable Type to WordPress. Here are James Archer’s own words on that:

Two of the biggest concerns with the sale were (1) keeping the high-quality blog going, and (2) continuing to offer awesome blog design services for clients.

To resolve those concerns, Mark brought in the company I work for, Forty, a well-known web design and development firm based (proudly) in Phoenix, Arizona. We’ve been designing and blogging since the old days, and have worked quite a bit with Mike in the past.

From here on out, we’re going to be managing the site, as well as overseeing the blog design work for Business Logs clients. We’ll also be working with Mike to give the site a fresh new look, and port it over from Movable Type (old and busted) to WordPress (new hotness!)

I love how they call WordPress the “new hotness”. Also, Mike Rundle has also committed himself to posting on the site once a week for a few more months, so the transition should be smooth. I look forward to seeing what happens with the site, and especially the new design.

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