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Writing for a Grand: Problogger’s Top 5 Group Writing Project

Darren Rowse has had some interesting prizes for his previous group writing projects, but I don’t think any will strike up as much interest as the $1001 prize he currently has available for his latest group writing project.

The subject for the project is “Top 5″.

Here is what Darren says about that:

Your task with this project is to take the theme of ‘Top 5′ in any direction that you’d like to. I’ve chosen this theme because it should be adaptable to most types of blogs. For example a personal blogger could write about their top 5 favorite foods, a celebrity blogger could write about the top 5 things Paris will do when she gets to jail, a tech blogger could rate their top five gadgets of the year, a productivity blogger could write their top 5 ways to save 20 minutes a day etc.

Write it in any style you like, a rant, list, poem, essay, video, pictorial, haiku, podcast….. anything.

Check out the full rules and details on Problogger, and good luck to all those that enter.

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  1. Roberta says: 5/7/2007

    This is the second time I’ve participated and it’s always a lot of fun. Can’t wait to see how many laughs my post will get. Darren is always creative when it comes to his post topics.


  2. Terry Ng says: 5/7/2007

    $1001 is better than $1000. :p


  3. mikeyaozm says: 9/20/2009

    prize he currently has available for his latest group writing project.