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WordPress T-Shirt Retrospective

Matt Mullenweg in the Shirt I wantRyan Boren has posted about the t-shirts that WordPress has used to promote its product and let its users show their support.

His post is listed on the WordPress Dashboard, but I wanted to talk about it here for a minute because something really bugs me. I am considered an international WordPress user, as I don’t live in the United States of America, and as such, I don’t get to attend all the cool conferences and events very easily, especially since I live closer to the east coast than the west coast, where Automattic is located.

There are four, soon to be five revisions of the shirt, and yet, I still can’t buy one and I really want one. I think while the Automattic team might not make much money from shipping us international WordPress fans the shirts, that they should make it a priority to set up a capable storefront anyways. I want to show my WordPress support, and look like Matt Mullenweg too!

Thanks Ryan for reminding me about this, and check out his post to see all the current versions of the WordPress T-shirt out in the wild. Oh, and the second version is the best so far. I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with for the next shirt.

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  1. Anne Helmond says: 5/9/2007

    As a European myself I share the same feelings. I have the luck of having a delivery address in the United States so I often order things, have them delivered in the USA and have them billed in the Netherlands. This has worked for Amazon, ThinkGeek and other sites. I recently tried to order the WordPress t-shirt through Goodstorm and have it delivered in the USA and billed in the Netherlands. There was an errror in verifying my credit card details; my payment status is on “Failed – Retry” while the workflow status is on “transaction received.” I e-mailed Goodstorm six days ago what had happened and whether or not my order came through. I haven’t heard from then since.

    What a trouble to go through for a t-shirt.


  2. peterzsk says: 5/9/2007

    Ryan Boren’ photo?
    well look


  3. Mike says: 5/9/2007

    Exactly. Just because I’m based in the UK doesn’t mean I don’t want to wear a cool WordPress t-shirt down the pub!

    Come on, guys. Share the love with Europe!


  4. slowood says: 5/9/2007

    Nice look! maybe I should DIY one for myself before they ‘share the love with’ asia


  5. TiVoBlog says: 5/9/2007

    How about a CafePress (or some other storefront) store so that we can purchase a WP shirt? Does one already exist?


  6. maya says: 5/10/2007

    We’re about to launch our international store… Hopefully in June, so please stay tuned.


  7. Palak @Custom T-Shirts says: 11/23/2012

    Hats off to wordpress programmers .. really a great CMS for which everyone is looking up ….. and now, worpdress logo on the t shirts and shirts which is just amazing .. i love to buy a new one with wordpress symbol and put it up during my work …..


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