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Weebly: A Competitor?

Om Malik has highlighed a new content publishing service called Weebly. Their site looks simple enough, but with $650,000 in Angel investments, and a person from the YCombinator staff, could they compete against the big hosted blog platforms like and Typepad?

Well Om has put up his opinion on that, and I agree with him:

The AJAX-based interface allows you to add (or subtract) different types of elements to the blog — text, pictures, videos, Google Maps, AdSense (currently in development, not live) — thanks to a widgetized architecture. You can get going in less than an hour, though it won’t allow you to set-up a personal domain just as yet. (That is coming soon.)

While the service is impressive, Weebly faces some considerable if not insurmountable challenges. Scaling the hosted blogging business is quite a challenge, as some of the more established players have learned. The company still has to figure out a viable business model. Rusenko thinks it can work on white-label versions for internet service providers, though that is easier said than done.

I have to admit though, having played with it for only a few seconds, it does have some interesting ideas powering it, but it is no WordPress. We will see how they use their money and time. came from no where to have nearly a million users, so it’s not impossible that Weebly could come in and be the next big thing. I will definitely be watching.

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  1. Matt says: 5/9/2007

    I like the guys at Weebly a lot, but as far as I can tell they only have a handful of users so far:

    It’s hard to innovate on a lot of things at once so if they’re going to focus on the site management, interface, and white-label I think they should build on a proven platform like WP.


  2. Armen says: 5/10/2007

    The best thing about this will be their need to develop new ideas that set them apart. If this happens, it should drive more motivation into the WordPress team, which of course, is a good thing :)


  3. Ujjwal says: 5/15/2007

    I love WordPress and I don’t want to change that unless WP comes with a big flaw.


  4. Darwyn4 says: 10/9/2007

    wordpress has no reason to worry :)
    weebly it’s too flashy :D


  5. kral oyunu says: 11/12/2007

    exactly simple and clean designs are better


  6. Craig says: 6/12/2008

    I have just come across weebly in the last few days. Yes I know I am slow off the uptake. I just wanted to see some examples of websites that other people have created. I have made one that I am very happy with . Right now i’ve shown you mine, you can show me yours!


  7. mikeyaozm says: 9/20/2009

    I have to admit though, having played with it for only a few seconds,


  8. saurabh ahuja ) says: 7/3/2011

    No man, currently wordpress is ahead of weebly but who knows of future.


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