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WordPress 2.2 Release Candidate 1

For those of you excited about WordPress 2.2’s impending release, Ryan Boren has linked to the Release Candidate for people to try out. He also reminds us all that tagging is not part of 2.2, but that they have found a great way to do it that will probably be implemented in WordPress 2.3.

Check out his post for more details and the link to download WordPress 2.2 Release Candidate 1. Remember though that this is not the final version of WordPress 2.2, and so if you need support, you should subscribe to the WordPress Testers list.

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  1. John says: 5/15/2007

    Unfortunately, WordPress 2.2 has done something wierd with the widgetizing making the bloggingpro wr theme’s sidebars non-dynamic……

    Anyone figure out a work around? It has something to do with the functions.php (I think). Being a dumbass trucker I can’t figure it out….. :-(


  2. David Peralty ) says: 5/15/2007

    I haven’t looked yet John, but you are probably right as they built in Widgets into WP 2.2.


  3. John says: 5/17/2007

    Exactly…. When I first upgraded it worked fine. Once I shut off the Automatic widget plugin the built in plugin took over…. Then BloggingPro was broken. I tried to reactivate the automatic plugin but the “bad code protection” in WP 2.2 said it had fatal errors and wouldn’t allow it to be loaded…..

    Hopefully someone will figure out a work-around… I loved the theme but for now I am stuck with Anaconda :-)


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