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WordPress 2.2: Three Things Developers Will Like

If you thought built-in widgets were all you got with WordPress 2.2, Austin Matzko of Il Filosofo has some details that might interest you.

You can now set your site’s “home” and “siteurl” values in the wp-config.php file
WordPress now uses PHPMailer for email
WordPress Now Includes the jQuery JavaScript library

This is a great addition to the software, and if you want details on how all these things work, and what they mean, be sure to check out Il Filosofo.

The most useful currently for me would have to be controlling the home and site URL in the wp-config.php file. A great way to help move sites from one place to another.

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  1. Douglas Karr says: 5/19/2007

    I haven’t been able to find much information on utilizing the PHPMailer options for plugin use – have you seen any details out there? Also, it doesn’t appear to offer SMTP capabilities – something that folks would like.


  2. Douglas Karr says: 5/19/2007

    Hehe, just read the link you included to Il Filosofo. I am disappointed that they didn’t just include the classes for mail and smtp with the build… not sure what I can actually ‘do’ with the PHPMailer function.


  3. says: 5/22/2007

    As for me, UTW is still being awaited by many, easier way to implement meta tags such as keywords and description…


  4. Lambros says: 9/22/2007



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