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Elliott’s Top Free WordPress Themes

There are so many themes out in the WordPress community, and while that can be a great thing sometimes, other times it is hard to cut through the noise, and so one of my good friends, Elliott Bäck has released his list of the Top 7 Free WordPress Themes.

He includes some favorites of mine like Andreas 1.12 and Dark Theme as well as some others that I, personally, am not too fond of, but if you have a sense of style and taste like Elliott, then you will appreciate his list.

I also have to say that I like Chris Pearson’s Cutline, better than the Presscut mention included in his list. But that’s just me. Check out the full list at Elliott’s blog.

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  1. Arpit Jacob says: 5/22/2007

    A great list. Doesn’t your contact form work ???


  2. David Peralty ) says: 5/22/2007

    Yes, but of course I wasn’t seeing any of the contact information because it was being marked as spam.


  3. Afan says: 5/25/2007

    Great list but not the best by far. As we all know there are thousands of free themes and even though most are now seeming to aim towards a SEO or click pay future, there are still some great looking and highly customizable ones.

    I think these are great for free use and go but if you’re looking to add a little flair to your blog these are to plain.