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So, I just realized, thanks to a comment, that I wasn’t getting Blogging Pro’s contact messages. I figured I was doing something wrong, that reader participation was down, but really what had happened is that I had the contact form submitting the information to my Gmail account, and since it was getting used to spam me, Google marked it as such and even good contact messages were marked spam, and thus never seen by me.

I am so sorry, and I hope all those that have attempted to contact me without response will now understand why it seems like I have been ignoring you all.

This problem has been fixed, and I look forward to your comments.

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  1. Vincent McBurney says: 5/23/2007

    THAT’S why that message I sent last week asking if I could buy your blog for 10 million dollars didn’t get an answer. There is a mystery solved. I’m sorry the offer still isn’t open, I spent the money on hats. It’s never too early to get ready for the Spring Racing season.


  2. Arpit Jacob says: 5/23/2007

    Ok cool. Well I had sent you a link to the my top ten WordPress theme article a month back. So when I saw Elliott’s list I was kinda wondering.


  3. David Peralty ) says: 5/23/2007

    Vincent – Nooooo! My $10 Million dollars! Can I get a hat as a constellation prize? It can even say, “Lost $10 Million because of Spam”.

    Arpit Jacob – Sorry about that Arpit. Elliot is one of the lucky few that was able to contact me directly. If anything else comes up though, message me, and I will take a look. :)


  4. Mike says: 8/15/2007

    It’s very beautifully. Arpit Jacob – Sorry about that Arpit. Elliot


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