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WordPress Theme: Copyblogger

For those of us that loved the old Copyblogger theme, they have released it now as a free download. A great use of old themes, and I am really happy that they did this. I have to thank both Brian and Chris for pushing it out.

When Brian rolled out the latest design for Copyblogger, he promised to chain me to a computer and whip me until I was able to resurrect the old design as a ubiquitous WordPress theme.

Today, I’m happy to announce that the chains have come off, the welts on my back are beginning to heal, and you, my friends, have a brand new toy—the Copyblogger Theme for WordPress.

A great addition to the free, quality WordPress themes. Check out their post on Copyblogger, as well as the demo.

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  1. Chris P. says: 5/22/2007

    David — Thanks for covering this!

    Everyone — Why haven’t you clicked through yet?


  2. uncleboob says: 5/23/2007

    Wow – this theme is simple and it rocks anyway! will use this one immediately


  3. skarld says: 5/23/2007

    I have always liked Copyblogger and part of the reason was the theme. Perhaps the best SEO friendly theme available. I have added it to my collection.


  4. OÄŸuzhan says: 6/3/2007

    Nice theme, thnx!


  5. Tralala says: 6/25/2007



  6. George says: 9/18/2007



  7. firma rehberi says: 11/21/2007

    thanks very good


  8. sohbet says: 7/23/2008

    thanks ;)