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WordPress 2.2 is Mandatory for 2.1.x Users

Mark Jaquith has released a post a little while back letting all the WordPress 2.1.x users know that WordPress 2.2 means the end of the 2.1.x branch. There will continue to be security updates for 2.0.x but if you want to keep moving forward with the latest and greatest in WordPress, you need to get WordPress 2.2.

From his blog:

There will be no further releases in the 2.1.x branch. 2.2 includes security fixes that 2.1.3 lacks, so your only upgrade path is to 2.2.

The good news is that although a lot of under-the-surface code changed in 2.2, it’s not jarringly different from a usage standpoint. So if familiarity was holding you back from upgrading, it shouldn’t be.

Good to know, and really, for the most part, going to WordPress 2.2 is painless, though some people have had some small issues with Widgets, certain plugins, certain themes, and some minor interface changes that they aren’t happy with. Nothing major though.

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  1. Jay says: 5/25/2007

    Upgrading a live blog with regular traffic to a new point release makes me a bit nervous. I’ll have to examine my traffic logs to see when my downtimes are.



  2. Jay says: 5/26/2007

    Well, that was anticlimactic. I installed the Instant Upgrade plugin, did a complete backup, and clicked to upgrade. The upgrade was finished before I had even read the first sentence of the results. All plugins seem to be working smoothly.



  3. David says: 5/26/2007

    The main issue I have observed with respect to the Widgets problem occurs when people dont deactivate their widget plugins. In WP 2.2, the widgets.php file is built into the WP install itself. If you try to upgrade with the old widgets.php active in your plugins folder, you’ll have problems.

    This is great news for theme developers. Now, they can simply make a theme to use sidebar widgets by default, and not have to also program what a sidebar should do if there is no widgets plugin installed.