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b5media Hires Mark Jaquith

Mark Jaquith is a well known WordPress expert. He always has something to add to the community, and I mistakingly thought he was an Automattic employee once or twice, but now news has come out that the man who devotes his free time to WordPress, has finally got a paid position in b5media.

Here is a bit from the post on Aaron Brazell’s blog:

Back in February, we began to seriously look at the needs of the technology team. We evaluated what we wanted to do and what it would take to get there. I began scoping out the WordPress development community and decided to contact two people. Brian Layman has already told you of his experiences. He was one candidate. I reached out to Mark, even though I was convinced that he wanted to remain independent or go to work for Automattic. I was surprised and thrilled when he seemed interested.

With Mark coming on board, I wanted to explain a feeling I’ve had for a long time. Many people think that working on free software on a voluntary basis is a waste of time. They would prefer to get paid to work on a large development team and put out mediocre projects. It’s not necessary to take ownership of the code because it’s simply a “project” or a “contract” and the manager can take the hits. It’s another thing to stick your neck out there, buy into a project, put your everything into it and come away having notoriety.

Great to see someone who spends so much time working on WordPress get a great spot, with a great team. I hope to see more of the community leaders being able to make their love of WordPress into a job.

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  1. Jeremy Wright says: 5/28/2007

    Thanks David, we’re pretty jazzed!



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