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25 Ways To Improve Your Site Today

Fadtastic has put up a great post on twenty-five things you can do to improve your site today.

It is nicely categorized into Usability/Accessibility, Search Engine Optimisation – SEO, Design/Development Process, Content, Off-Site. They make mention of titles, whitespace, and images.

Here is a sample tip:

Strengthen keywords: Probably the quickest thing you can do. Highlight some keywords and phrases and add a strong tag (bold) around them. This shouldn’t be overused but can provide some positive results if used sparingly.

I love these types of posts. There are always a bunch of things that I already know, but most of them include one or two things I didn’t know, and can help me improve my blogging. Check out the list at Fadtastic.

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  1. XmasB says: 6/12/2007

    Thanks for the pointer.


  2. Hasan Tayyar BeÅŸik says: 6/12/2007

    some old ways. but necessary things.


  3. joe says: 6/15/2007

    Keep up the lists, I would never find all this stuff on my own or it would take a lot longer.


  4. Tom says: 6/19/2007

    Thanks for the heads up, thats a great post.


  5. Christopher Kirk says: 6/29/2007

    Thanks for sharing this. I need to think more about these issues for my own site. Very much appreciated.