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WordCamp Schedule Live

It looks like the WordCamp schedule is live, and it is amazing. I won’t be able to head out west to enjoy the event, but Bloggy Network is working on having someone report from the field for us.

People like Om Malik, Jeremy Wright, and Lorelle Van Fossen will be speaking on a variety of topics over the course of the two days. The schedule is very good, and well worth the wait.

Check it out on the WordCamp site and let me know if you are impressed with the schedule and its speakers.

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  1. Ray Hernandez says: 6/19/2007

    I’m really disappointed that there will be no talk on WordPress Mu. I’m trying to start up something with that, and was really looking forward to hearing about the path that Mu is going to take and what we can expect from it and when. Obviously I’m still going, but I was really wanting some talks.


  2. Matt says: 6/20/2007

    There is a second room at the conference hall where people will be able to have meetups and such on topics of their choosing throughout the event. I’m sure if you dropped Donncha an email he’d be happy to lead one on MU. To me it didn’t make sense to have as a separate topic in the main track because it’s so closely intertwined with core WP.


  3. Ray Hernandez says: 6/20/2007

    Thanks man, I figured I’d drum up some talks anyway. But appreciate the reply. See you next month. I’m flying in from Hawaii.


  4. sohbet says: 7/23/2008

    Thanks ;)