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WordPress is Webware 100 Winner

Over on the blog, Matt announced that WordPress won in the publishing category of the Webware 100 contest.

WordPress continues to get the attention that it deserves beating out popular CMS tools like Drupal.

I think that they deserved the spot, but I think that other tools should have come closer, except that the community, as usual, pushed it into the top spot in a huge way. I am always amazed at how fanatical WordPress users are.

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  1. mikko says: 6/19/2007

    “beating out popular CMS tools like Drupal”

    come on… Drupal is among winners as well. Beside that they are totally different kind of CM systems.


  2. Smarty Blog says: 6/20/2007

    I think WordPress is a little bit more flexible (I’m talking about the code here), so the users have more power to be a part of the “code is poetry” team. Your WordPress site is more “yours” than other CMSs :)


  3. Jauhari says: 6/20/2007

    Easy and Support is the Real Power of WordPress ;)


  4. mikko says: 6/20/2007

    rly? Sometimes If I get into troubles with my WP projects, I always search for solution on official forums. Usually there are plenty of people there with same problem, but the answer is missing.

    I am not trying to diss WP. It is wonderful, but it is certainly not a Drupal-like CMS. Not only the plugins, made by users, are often very akward (with lots of wrong markup html to say the least), but the updating of WP is sometimes a total nightmare. Like the update from 2.1 to 2.2, where widgets were implemented. Now all of old plugins are useless.

    Don’t get me wrong – I love it, but it is not a “full” CM system. It’s more or less (just) a blog CMS.