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Expression Engine 1.6 Released

Expression Engine, a popular CMS, has got a new version out there which is supposed to be pretty slick. One of the features highlighted by many people is an add-on of sorts that allows for one Expression Engine install to manage multiple sites, called simply enough the Multiple Site Manager.

Something that you need to know about the add-on though is that it costs extra money. The Multiple Site Manager will set you back $199.95 for a commercial license and $79.95 for a non-commercial license and enables you to manage 3 sites. Adding additional sites can be purchased on a per-instance basis for $49.95 (commercial license) and $24.95 (personal license).

Veerle, whom I am a huge fan of, has written a post on the new version, and seems rather excited about the whole thing. Coming from the free and open source arena of things, I am a little underwhelmed at this point. I know Expression Engine is great, I just don’t see how the price is justified for personal projects.

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  1. billg says: 6/22/2007

    I’m using a non-commercial EE license for a personal site. I’ve used WP, MT, TxP, and others, but EE seems more in synch with my thought patterns. Yes, it costs money, but so what? Why should our choice of software for “personal projects” be limited to freebies? What’s wrong with buying what I think is the best?


  2. David Peralty ) says: 6/22/2007

    Nothing is wrong with buying what you think is best. I’d just prefer to change something that is close to the best and is free. Just call me cheap…


  3. billg says: 6/22/2007

    One specific reason I bought it is the built-in caching function. I could never get wp-cache working and no one at the wp-cache site responded to my queries.

    Questions I’ve posted to the EE forums, on the other hand, have been answered within a few hours, often by EE staff.

    The EE cache, which includes SQL query and DB caching as well as page caching, so far is dead simple to set up and administer.

    To each his own, though.


  4. Peter says: 6/23/2007

    Most open-source minded people will be underwhelmed. But EE is something like a trendy gadget, the way mac products are. Make it free and they’ll search another product eventually (though they won’t admit that now). It caters to a snobist market. Veerle fits right in.


  5. jeepers says: 6/26/2007

    um, there is a FREE version, it’s called ‘expression engine core’. I’m not sure about all of you, but so far it’s got everthing I need to run my blog.


  6. Firm says: 7/18/2007

    Questions I’ve posted to the EE forums, on the other hand, have been answered within a few hours, often by EE staff.


  7. mikeyaozm says: 9/19/2009

    I also paid for an account on another personal livejournal and almost did the same for my art livejournal but found out that no matter what if not in my personal journal