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WordPress Plugin: Category Access

Here is a plugin which I had thought about a long time ago, and has now come to fruition: category access.

I’ve released a new version of the Category Access WordPress 2 plugin. This plugin allows the blog maintainer to restrict access to posts belonging to particular categories on a user-by-user basis.

This would allow you to easily implement a member system on a blog, or premium content for registered users. A very nice idea. Check out the plugin page at

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  1. Monika says: 12/8/2007

    Hi this plugin doesn’t work with wp 2.3.1.

    Do you know another like this one ?

    kindly regards



  2. daniele says: 4/2/2008

    Hi, I have tried the plugin with WP 2.5 and it blocks out the content of the post, but not the existence of the post itself. It just looks like a post with no title and no text. That happens also when I have selected “Hide Entire Post” in the options.

    Is this a problem with the new WP version? Do you plan a new release?



  3. David Coppit says: 8/30/2009

    I’m no longer supporting this software since WordPress doesn’t have a good API (forcing me to update it with every release) and because WordPress is riddled with security holes (forcing me to update every other week).



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