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Daily Tweets: Not Good Blogging

I have a little bone to pick with a variety of people. It seems their blogs have been converted into nothing more than a rolling list of their daily “twitters” from

Some of the bloggers might not have written articles every day, but when they did write on their blog, they were some great posts, and now I find myself seeing half conversations and silly, short messages about people’s cats or getting the mail. I am really not impressed by this trend, and wish that this wasn’t becoming a replacement for blogging for some people.

I also wish that someone would develop a plugin that would stop these daily tweets from showing up in the RSS feed, as I don’t want to see them. I only want the real articles that site owners have put time into.

Is that so much to ask?

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  1. TDH says: 7/4/2007

    I totally agree with you, David! If I want short snippets I go to the Twitter page, when I want something more I’ll read the blog. The least the Twitter freaks could do is to remove the tweets from the main RSS feed and also push it out in the sidebar or something.

    It’s a crappy way to update your blog, and a sure method to get me to unsubscribe from your feed. I suggest you do the same, David. The revolution is here!


  2. David Peralty ) says: 7/4/2007

    With your celebrity power… and mine (yeah right) we can start the movement against Twitter blog posts :)

    Glad to hear someone agrees with me. It is sad how common it has become. Hopefully, some awareness that people don’t like it will shift the good bloggers away from doing it.


  3. nate says: 7/4/2007

    No, that’s not too much to ask. Twittering in place of blogging makes for one of those “here’s what I ate for lunch” blogs, which nobody reads.


  4. Mike Sigers says: 7/4/2007

    I hate tweets and teitterings and am unsubscribing from any blog that subjects me to this awful mess.

    Convenience ( read as laziness ) is an ugly thang.


  5. AhmedF says: 7/4/2007


    There was one blog I read that the author had put his Twitters into the main RSS feed. A post asking if he should continue with that met such a resounding ‘no’ that … well … he got the idea :)


  6. Aaron B. Hockley says: 7/4/2007

    Agreed… it’s annoying. Tell folks it’s annoying. If their twitter postings are really overshadowing the “real” content, enough folks unsubscribing should get their attention.


  7. digitalramble says: 7/4/2007

    Even worse is when (as seems to happen quite often) something goes wrong with the posting, and the damned tweet is repeated several times. I hate it. Should go on the sidebar IF it MUST appear at all in the blog. Best is just a link to the twitter place.



  8. deep.ed says: 7/4/2007


  9. jangelo says: 7/9/2007

    I tried this for about a week and I got the same feedback. I realized later on that I hated it myself. :)


  10. William Profet from says: 7/11/2007

    I agree. It is a bad practice to show these stupid feeds and merge them with the normal blog feed posts.


  11. inspirationbit says: 7/12/2007

    I can only add one thing – I’m so glad that none of my favourite blogs are replacing their content with some useless Twittering and not messing up their feeds.


  12. Othon says: 9/22/2007

    Sorry :(


  13. Athanasios says: 11/26/2007