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Customize Your WordPress Login

David Airey has a great little tutorial up on how to modify your WordPress login page, so that it fits more in line with the style of your site.

Even better, it is basically just the modification of two image files. So check it out. He seems to be using this as a way to remind his customers of the work he has done for them, by repeating his brand every time they need to log in. A very wise move for those trying to really get their name out there when it comes to customizing WordPress.

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  1. David Airey :: Creative Design :: says: 7/17/2007

    Many thanks for the mention, though you’re presenting an idea I didn’t think of.

    The login customisation is aimed at those developing WP blogs for clients, and the idea is to brand the login screen with the logo of the client, not the designer.

    Interesting take on it though, and thanks again.


  2. David Peralty ) says: 7/18/2007

    Hey David,

    Sorry about that… the example you gave was your logo on the Login Page, and so I assumed you did that for clients. Either way, it is a slick idea, and a great subtle hint at the hard work you have done.


  3. David Airey :: Creative Design :: says: 7/18/2007

    No worries, David.