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WordPress Plugin: OneClick

Back, a long time ago, there was a plugin that made it easy to add other plugins to your WordPress blog, but that plugin died off, and since then we have had to do things the manual way, but now, a new plugin, OneClick, has been released, and it is pretty powerful.

Oneclick is my first wordpress plugin. It allows uploading of a plugin or theme without the need of manually uploading by FTP, allowing the upload from the Admin panel. All you have to do is browse for the zip file and click “upload” and the plugin does the rest.

Subscribe to the oneclick RSS Feed at I’m gonna be posting updates, screenshots of in progress work, and beta notices. So don’t lose out!

Check it out. I have tried it on some blogs, and it works really well. I am still very concerned about the security implications in regards to this plugin, but I have found chmod 775 to be more than enough to get it to work. If anyone has a security analysis of this plugin, I’d be forever in your debt. Until then, I will keep enjoying the ease that is OneClick.

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  1. Anirudh says: 7/19/2007


    I’m the author of the plugin, thanks for featuring it here(I’m a regular reader :)).

    As far as security is concerned, no, there’s no serious problem. That means other people can’t inject code into your templates, or delete your files, as you’ll need your absolute path, and this is a problem only if someone’s on the same server as you, and has permissions to access your files. (*nix hosts don’t have to worry about this). Only people sharing hosting on windows boxes with no user type privilege distribution might be a problem(if it is so, that’s the least of their problems)

    The final release will come towards the end of this month, and it features tons of really cool new features, possibly auto-chmodding through net2ftp’s modules.



  2. Kevin Paquet says: 10/31/2007

    Hello, I am just a new reader on this blog and WOW, this is just the plugin I am needing at this very moment.
    Indeed, I am not only a new reader but also a new wordpress user. thanks for featuring this here.

    Kevin from the Philippines


  3. sohbet says: 7/23/2008

    thanks ;)


  4. sohpet says: 9/7/2008