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WordPress Shirts: Available Internationally

Automattic have released a new shirt, and even better than it coming in one of my favorite colors (red), you can buy it internationally. That means I can have one shipped up here to Canada, and with the exchange rate being the way it is, the price isn’t too ridiculous

Via the WordPress blog:

One of the biggest complaints when we originally launched our t-shirt store was that folks outside of the United States, which is the majority of our traffic, were unable to order them. Now you can! (And we have a new style available.)

At our official you can order the new red t-shirt in either manly or girlie styles and they ship almost anywhere in the world. The shirts are high-quality American Apparel, and are screen-printed. Styles are available for a limited time, we’ll probably to about 2-3 a year, and once they’re gone the style will never be printed again.

If you are interested in supporting WordPress, and gaining a bit of “geek cred”, pick one up.

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  1. Rose says: 7/29/2007

    I have a Blogger Shirt. Must get me a WordPress one.


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