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Desktop RSS Readers on the way out?

Read/WriteWeb has an article up that shows the results of two polls they ran, one was in January of this year, and the other was earlier in July. They ask where we read and manage our RSS subscriptions. I am all about online RSS readers, and it seems like I am not alone, with the poll responders leaning that way away from desktop applications. Pretty much all other types remained the same as the previous poll.

Firstly, the above stats show that people are migrating from desktop to browser-based RSS Readers. The percentage change in one is virtually a mirror of the other, while none of the other categories has changed much (if any). Web-based Readers are up 7% and desktop Readers are down 6%. In the space of 6 months. I attribute this mostly to the strong growth of Google Reader, which in most peoples’ Feedburner stats is in the top 3 Readers. Google Reader has been the most innovative major RSS Reader over the past year, and a lot of people I know use it as their main Reader now (as do I). Bloglines and Rojo also continue to be popular.

Check out their results, and let me know if you agree or disagree with their conclusions.

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  1. Adam Hirsch says: 7/25/2007

    I understand that most people out there are using Online RSS Readers, but honestly, I’ve tried them all and I hate them. It’s obvious that I’m reading “blogs” when on Google Reader and the others don’t have the functions. I use FeedDemon, which synchronizes to my 2 computers (work and home), online and to my PDA (Windows mobile 5). It also gives me quick access to email the post or blog to Windows Live Writer which I use. I assume (and HOPE!!) that Google releases the ultimate on and desktop feed Reader that has all the functionality above and more…

    Read more from me at:


  2. todd says: 7/25/2007

    I use the new outlook 2007, every rss feed is just a new folder, new articles are unread mail and once they are read you can delete them or store them. Works the same as email.


  3. Frank says: 7/26/2007

    I tried heaps of online and desktop readers and ended up using proper applications which is way faster and enjoyable if you have many feeds that you want to keep up with. Best app for Windows is Feedreader, for Mac I recommend Vienna.


  4. redwall_hp ) says: 7/26/2007

    I use My NTugo ( It’s a web-based reader I built myself. I used to use Firefox Live Bookmarks until I outgrew them, then I built my own web reader because I didn’t like any of the other options. It’s pretty unique. I think I did a good job at capturing the simplicity of Live Bookmarks in a different, but arguably easier to use, form.


  5. Jason - GorillaSushi says: 7/26/2007

    I’ve been a huge proponent of Rojo but they’ve been down for the past 2 days. I’ll probably be switching to Google’s reader but the danger is there for any on-line reader.


  6. Robert MacEwan says: 7/29/2007

    To keep my mind at ease the Google Reader is all I use these days. With Google Gears the information is available at times I’m not connected to a network.


  7. giysi giydirme says: 11/12/2007

    nobody would prefer desktop rss while online type are better


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