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10 Steps to Success on the ’Net Without SEO

Tadeusz Szewczyk has written an article on Google Blogscoped about SEO and what you can do without it to make your site a success.

Things like:

  • Discover your niche
  • Use WordPress
  • Create a killer CSS design and submit it to CSS galleries
  • Allow trackbacks, use dofollow
  • Socialize, write comments and link other blogs
  • Include social media on your site, use social media yourself
  • Write your own content, say something new, express yourself
  • Compile what you know or what others said and publish it
  • Contribute to your favorite online publications
  • Add new content at least every second day

For more details on each point, check out the original post on Google Blogscoped.

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  1. Oliver B. says: 8/2/2007

    Well. This is exactly what modern SEOs do. In other words, what you described is SEO. ;-)

    If BlOGGINGPRO would make use of follow links within the comments section (e.g. with my Nofollow Case by Case Plugin), I would have written a blog article now including a link to this post instead of leaving a comment. Why not?


  2. David Peralty ) says: 8/2/2007

    Why don’t I switch off the nofollow? Simple… Spam is bad enough as it is.. I don’t want them even getting a tiny reward for their efforts. I might not be in the know about these things, but that’s how it works right?


  3. tung sing says: 8/3/2007

    i can’t feed your blog,why? please check your feed,maybe it’s wrong!


  4. Bernhard Kanduth says: 8/6/2007

    SEO is’t submitting URL’s to searchengines and directorys anymore. Sites with more and qualified content are king. With tools like WordPress ist really easy, also for beginners, to publishing trafficgenerating content.


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